Curb Appeal! 7 Outdoor Projects that Add Value to Your Home

by Jana Boehm
July 23, 2014
Category:   Home Improvement

It’s that time of year again. The sun is out, the birds are chirping and everyone is outside spiffing up their homes. There is just something about the warm weather of summer that seems to bring out one’s inner HGTV-er. Summer is known for backyard barbeques, afternoons in the park and enjoying a meal on the patio. It is an intoxicating idea to imagine all of these things taking place on your own property, and thus the projects ensue. Curb appeal not only improves your maximum capacity for property appreciation, but it can vastly improve the value of your home. First impressions are important and difficult to take back. Here are a few ideas to help you keep your property looking its best and, if you’re in the market, add to your property value.


1. Pressure Wash

For most people, washing their face is part of their daily routine. Now imagine going YEARS without giving your face a little rinse. That is what happens to your home. Pressure washing your home can provide a drastic improvement. Over the years you can build up quite a bit of “gunk” on the exterior of your home. A mixture of mold, dirt and random things left from the animal kingdom all mixed together by the elements can leave quite a mark on your home. With a swift pressure wash, years of buildup instantly disappear leaving your home sparkling clean. 

2. Freshen Up Your Paint

Much like a faded car that sits in the sun all day subjected the elements, time will certainly show your house’s age. A new coat of paint will add life to your home. You don’t necessarily have to paint the entire house, either. All it takes is touches to the shutters and trim and your home will look years younger.

3. Add a Garden

You don’t have to replicate the sprawling parterres of the Palace of Versailles to make this work. Keep it simple! The idea here is to add color and keep things looking fresh. Using seasonal flowers is a great way to show the home is current and well kept.

4. Don’t Underrate Your Windows

Often neglected, the windows of your home are one of the most important aspects of your home’s first impression. Similar to the pressure washing, washing your windows from both inside and outside can have a surprising impact on the overall look of your home. This will also enhance a homeowner’s favorite, natural light! Also, if your house is on the market, a nice trick is to remove and store your screens. This adds a little extra brightness to your home’s exterior.

5. Trim Any Overgrown Trees or Shrubs

You spent a lot of time deciding that this was the house for you. You inspected the floor plan, you scrutinized the appliances, you checked out the nearby schools and made sure you liked the neighborhood. So why would you want to hide any of that pride behind a mess of overhanging tree limbs and out of control/neglected shrubs?

6. Don’t Forget About Your Front Door

It can be a bit unnerving when approaching a front door that is riddled with cobwebs, faded and chipped paint and perhaps a nonfunctioning doorbell. What impression do you want to give passersby? How you treat the entrance to your home is a representation of yourself. Ask yourself: Is this a place I feel welcome? A fresh coat of paint on the door, a new doormat and getting rid of wasps nests and spider webs are the simple steps needed to have neighbors knocking with freshly baked goods.

7. Structural Damages

Are there loose boards and bricks coming off the exterior? Does the driveway have a big crack down the center of it? Much like the human body, exterior issues can often be an indicator of larger problems. A loose shingle or broken gutter could lead to water damage. Fixing these issues will not only make your home look better now, but could potentially save you a lot of hassle down the road.


Many of these improvements are small projects you can complete over the weekend and end up adding thousands to your home’s resale value. Especially during the summer months when being outside is routine, adding a few small home renovation projects is a positive boost in all directions. Homeowners often underestimate the impact of curb appeal. Whether preparing to sell or simply enhancing your home for your own enjoyment, these tips can help your pockets and your house look their best.